$VV (tentative symbol) is an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain. It is the primary utility token to be used in Voiceverse for various intra-universe exchanges, and supporting inter-universe expansions. $VV is expected to launch in Q1 of 2023. However, Exchange Credit will be introduced as a placeholder for simulating the mechanics of $VV until we finalize the legal issues and tokenomics.

Value Accrual

The value of $VV will mostly come from the growth of the Voiceverse ecosystem. Our mission is to provide the metaverse with voices. The more voices we provide, the bigger our ecosystem gets. Tokenomics is designed so that Genesis holders will benefit from, and $VV’s value will appreciate from, partnerships with other NFT communities for newly minted voices.


Unique experiences

Voiceverse will aim to create unique online and offline experiences to bring the community together and connect at a personal level. These may be offline meetups, parties, concerts and more!


$VV can be used to purchase Accessories like Custom Voice Serums or Emotion Shots from the Voiceverse store. Every time an accessory is used to generate a new Voice NFT, such as through Breeding Passes or Custom Voice Serums, not only do $VV need to be spent to buy the accessories, but also 20% of the $VV spent will be burned to control the outstanding supply.

Exchanging for free mints

As Voiceverse expands its universe, there will be opportunities for existing holders to obtain free mints of additional collections. $VV will be used to exchange for free mints for these cases.

Merch drops

Rep your Voiceverse spirit to everyone! $VV can be used to receive exclusive merch drops. T-shirts, phone cases, hats, hoodies, and more, shipped globally.

Tokenomics and Allocation


$VV is capped supply. A total of 10,000,000,000 $VV will be supplied over the course of five years from Q2 in 2022. The allocation was designed specifically to serve the following goals:

  1. Allow genesis token holders to benefit from the formation of partnerships with other communities and metaverse worlds

  2. Heavily incentivize people to adopt voice NFTs for practical usage through content creation, or usage in metaverse worlds

  3. Incentivize long term holding and reduce supply of genesis NFTs through opportunities to earn $VV through staking

  4. Reward early supporters and diamond hands through two rounds of token airdrops

A total of 67% of total supply will eventually go to Genesis holders.

Exchange Credits

$VV will be ready in Q1 of 2023. We need ample amount of time to prepare the legalities around issuing ERC-20 tokens. Until then, we will be allocating Exchange Credits as a placeholder. In the future when $VV launches, you will be able to convert Exchange Credits 1:1 with $VV. In all clarity, Exchange Credits are not ERC-20 Tokens. They live in a Web2.0 database, and managed using Web2.0 code. You will be able to stake and claim Exchange Credits starting 00:00 May 26th, 2022 EST.

Create to Earn (C2E)

Content will be a primary medium that will best demonstrate what Voice NFTs can do and create organic virality, interest and growth. We want to heavily incentivize our creators who utilize Voice NFTs to 1) generate all kinds of creative content and 2) utilize Voice NFTs to communicate in the Metaverse. The more people use Voice NFTs, the more people will know about it, thereby increasing the overall value of the entire Voiceverse brand. A total of 1,500,000,000 $VV tokens will be allocated to C2E.

Staking and Renting

2,000,000,000 $VV tokens will be allocated to those that stake their Voice NFTs over a period of 5 years. Just to be completely clear, 5 years is an approximation and is assuming all of Genesis is staked. Staked Voice NFTs can be unstaked at any given point in time. In order to stake your NFT, it needs to be delisted on all secondary markets. This way, staking will provide an artificial shortage of the supply of voices in circulation on secondary markets. By staking your Voice NFTs, you will accumulate $VV on a daily basis, and allow it to be rented to other users. If you stake your Voice NFT, it will be moved to a Staking Pool wallet. You can still use your Voice NFT in metaverse worlds, unless it’s rented out.

The amount given out to staked NFTs will differ depending on the Voice Tier.

Centums will receive 2000 tokens, Architects 150 tokens, and Terrans 75 tokens each day.

We expect some Voice NFTs to be of extremely high value that a lot of people won’t be able to afford them. For instance, a K Pop star’s Voice NFT will be in super high demand. Renting will provide easier access to higher quality voices with a cheaper price tag, and at the same time create a recurring income source for the Voice NFT owner. Renting will be carried out on a pre-agreed upon price as well as duration of rent between the renter and the owner.

  • Boosting

    Owning NFTs of some partnership collections will allow you to boost the staking amount by a certain amount. For instance, owning a new Spanish Voice NFT collection may boost your daily earnings by 2% per NFT you own, up to 10%.

Genesis Partnership Revenue (GPR)

Our goal is to create billions of voices and become the preeminent provider of voices in Web3.0. Every time we expand our universe by collaborating with other PFP communities to create new collections, we want to make sure that the Genesis holders are not diluted. One way to do this is to compensate Genesis holders with $VV.

25% of total supply, 2,500,000,000 $VV, will be allocated to rewarding Genesis holders as we expand. The amount of $VV given to Genesis holders will differ for each partnership collection launch.

First, 15% of mint revenue and royalties will also go towards Voiceverse treasury, which will be used later on to provide liquidity when we conduct an IEO. 10% of mint revenue will be used to buy $VV and burn them so that $VV holders are directly benefited.

For example, if we make 1000 ETH in revenue from minting a new Voice collection just for, say, BAYC, 150 ETH will be directed towards Voiceverse treasury, and 100 ETH will be used immediately to buy back $VV, and the bought $VV will be burned.

Second, 75% of whatever the amount was used to buy back $VV will be airdropped to Genesis holders. Using the previous example, 75 ETH worth of $VV will be issued to holders. This way, we always ensure that the issuance of $VV to Genesis holders is deflationary.


We want to reward our earliest supporters who have been diamond handing from the very beginning. At a given timestamp, a snapshot will be taken and 500,000,000 tokens will be airdropped to Genesis token holders. After our roadmap 2.0 opens in Q2 of 2022, a second round of token airdrops, to the amount of 200,000,000 tokens, will happen with a new snapshot of holders taken at that point in time.


Voiceverse is already a project heavily invested by VCs. We expect more venture capital to flow in as we grow our ecosystem. We want to incentivize our investors to be deeply involved and aligned with the interests of Voiceverse. As the project grows, it is typical for investors to ask for token allocations. Especially during Initial Exchange Offerings, market making services would require some token allocations, wherein most prestigious firms would ask for >5% of the entire supply. 10% of the $VV supply will be allocated to Investors for new and existing investors moving forward. Investors allocation will be vested over 5 years with a lockup of 6 months.

Ecosystem Growth

8%, or 800,000,000 $VV, will be allocated to ecosystem growth. This allocation is specifically geared towards onboarding investors right before an IEO. Pre-IEO investors provide sufficient liquidity and ensure backing of the valuation of $VV, and in turn receive this portion of $VV at a discounted rate. This allocation is also to provide liquidity for pools when we launch into Decentralized exchanges, in addition to the liquidity provided from GPR proceeds. Ecosystem Growth allocation will have a lockup period of 6 months.

Treasury Buffer

2%, or 200,000,000 $VV, will be allocated to the treasury. Although portions of GPR proceeds go to Voiceverse treasury, we also want to make sure we start with an ample amount as a safeguard. Sometimes due to uncertainties in negotiation with either investors, centralized exchanges or other partners, we may need to spend more tokens than expected. This treasury buffer will ensure that everything will be accounted for even if unexpected.

Voice Actors

Last but not least, just like how behind every art NFT there is an artist, Voice Actors are the artists behind each Voice NFTs. We want to reward our artists not only every time an NFT is sold, but also every time the NFT is being rented or being used. 3% of the entire supply will be locked to be provided to our Voice Actors.

Release Schedule

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