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Voiceverse Genesis is a collection of 8,888 unique voice NFTs. Genesis collection is the starting point of all expansions, collaborations, and partnership collections that Voiceverse creates in the future. All upside and growth of Voiceverse as a brand will directly benefit Genesis holders.

Universal application

Owning a genesis Voiceverse NFT means your voice NFT can be utilized across all of the future projects we collaborate and integrate with. In other words, only Genesis NFT can be used with other PFP NFT collections without any limitations. Genesis Voiceverse NFTs will be the only collection with universal applicability, now or in the future. If one wants to use PFP specific collection NFT universally, the same wallet needs to own a Genesis NFT.


Staking allows long term growth of the Voiceverse ecosystem by limiting supply, and allowing holders of Voiceverse Genesis NFT to stake it to a pool and redeem $VV tokens. Each Voiceverse Genesis NFT will have full freedom to stake and unstake at any time.

Only Voiceverse Genesis NFT will be allowed to stake to accumulate $VV tokens. More details on the Tokenomics here. In addition, everytime we create a new collection for our partner projects, Genesis NFT holders will be rewarded a certain amount of $VV. Think of Genesis NFTs as land, and you are selling a part of this land to other projects to develop on.

Exclusive airdrops

For some partnership collections, for every X Voiceverse Genesis NFT you own, you will get a free mint of the new collection. X will be determined on a case by case basis. Only Voiceverse Genesis NFT holders will receive free airdrops to Accessories.

Mass holder benefits


First priority WL and airdrop opportunities will be given to our whale holders. OG Whales, who supported us from pre-mint, will get the highest priority within whales. For most collaboration projects, we will aim to guarantee at least one airdrop or WL per whale.

Diamond Hands

Diamond hands will receive second priority WL and airdrop opportunities behind Whales.

Voice traits and tiers

Voiceverse Genesis will also come with voice traits as its metadata. Within the traits, there is an attribute called the “Naturalness Score”, which is a crowdsourced score of how natural and attractive a certain voice is. Rarity score will not be impacted by voice traits. However, there is a Voice Tier defined by the attributes Terrans, Architects, and Centums.

Centums are the highest tier voices, made from pure Voice Actor recording data. Only 100/8888 are Centums.

Architects are created from merging two Centum voices together, comprising 1000/8888 of the Genesis collection.

The rest are Terran voices, created from merging three or more Centum voices together.

Animated profile pictures

Every Voiceverse Genesis comes with an animated gif art that says a random wise quote in the voice that the NFT represents. Each voice tier comes with a different type of art.

Roadmap V1.0

Roadmap can be found in this link

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