What is a Voice NFT?


In real life, you are stuck with just one voice, forever. You never had a choice as to how you sound. However, in Web3.0, you get infinite freedom to sound however you wish. Voice NFTs allow this freedom. Are you 15 years old but want to sound like a majestic King? Voice NFTs got your back. Are you a 50-year-old man but are into anime culture so you want to sound like a cute anime girl? To each their own, but Voice NFTs still got your back.

Voice NFTs provide access to a unique AI powered voice font that essentially becomes your voice identity in the metaverse. They can be used to create all kinds of fun content through Voiceverse’s own web services, or through partner worlds. They will also be integrated into voice chat systems so that you sound like your Voice NFT in real-time.

Text to speech (TTS)

With a Voice NFT, you get unlimited access to use our text to speech tool, available on Voiceverse.com homepage. If you enter any text into the TTS tool, you immediately get a voice sample generated from the AI generator. The TTS tool will support any language that your Voice NFT is in.

In addition, TTS tool doubles as a PFP animator. You will be able to use it with other PFP NFTs that we support, and make the mouth of the PFP move in sync with the generated voice. Currently, we support the following collections, with plans to expand into other communities in the future. (in italics)

  • BAYC

  • Mfers

  • Azuki

  • Coolcats

  • Cryptopunks

  • Doodles

  • The Metakongz

  • Zipcy’s Supernormal

  • World of Women

  • Quirkies

  • Wonderpals

  • Pudgy Penguins

  • Kaiju Kings

  • 3Landers

If you are a project owner and want your project supported by Voiceverse, please submit a request here.

Voice Conversion (VC)

Compared to text-to-speech, which converts text input into speech output, Voice Conversion (VC) converts Speech to Speech. Whenever you speak into the mic, VC will transform your voice into your Voice NFT in real-time.

Think of it like voice filters, but instead of turning you into a robot, it turns you into a totally different person.

VC functionality will be available both on the web as a Chrome plugin and a desktop application.

Integrations and partnerships

The key to the growth of Voiceverse is to make it widely available across the Metaverse. This means integrations and partnerships. Voiceverse will be actively seeking partnerships with NFT communities to provide voices for PFPs. Voiceverse will also seek to integrate with major Metaverse platforms such as Sandbox, Decentraland, VRChat, NFTWorlds, Roblox and more.


Custom Voice Serum

Voices are memory.

When you hear a voice of a loved one, it immediately reminds you of them and some memories you had with them.

Imagine you can keep their voice forever, safe and sound, on the blockchain.

Custom Voice Serums allow you to create a brand new NFT of any voice. It can be your own voice. If you properly license a Voice Actor or another person to participate, you can create a custom NFT of their voice as well! Every Voiceverse Genesis holder will receive one Custom Voice Serum as an airdrop. Snapshots will be taken at a later point in time.

To create a Voice NFT, you would need to submit at least 15 minutes of you reading a script provided by us on our web application. To create the best quality Voice NFT, please record in a quiet room with a decent mic (don’t use your smartphone or laptop mic!)

Emotion shots

What if your Voice NFT can express hundreds of different emotions? Imagine the huge variety of content you can make with such capability. Emotion shots add an emotion to your existing VoiceNFT, where you can choose from a list of a hundred distinct emotions.

Breeding passes

With Voiceverse’s AI technology, it is now possible to breed voices together to create an entirely new voice that contains the characteristics of 2 or 3 voices. If you hold at least 2 Voice NFTs, you can create a brand new Voice NFT with Breeding Passes. The brand new Voice NFT will have a random combination of how much of each voice is mixed in.

IP rights

To empower content creators and fullest expression of one’s identity, holders of Voice NFT will own all the IP rights, including commercial rights, of content created by a Voice NFT.

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