Disclosure: The information described in this paper is preliminary and subject to change at any time. Furthermore, this paper may contain “forward-looking statements.

1. Vision

Voiceverse aims to power the voice of Web3.0. Every profile picture NFTs being created right now are prepping for a vast metaverse world. They provide the freedom to look however people want. You want to be a cat? Sure! Wait, an ape? Whatever you want fren!

We believe the same freedom will be needed for voice.

A person’s voice is uniquely linked to their identity. Once you hear that person’s voice, it immediately reminds you of them, and memories you had with them. Voice is personal. Voice brings out emotion. Voice is unique. Voice is a powerful aspect of one’s identity.

Pseudonymity will be key in Web3.0. People will want a complete, brand new virtual identity to represent themselves, and voice is a key part of it. The few that actually like their real-life voice will use it, but that’s the point right? The freedom to choose.

That’s why we created Voiceverse and the world’s first Voice NFTs. Voice NFTs give you exclusive access to use a unique voice, powered by Artificial Intelligence technology, in the metaverse.

We are willing to bet that the main medium of communication in the metaverse will be voice. If there are a billion visual identities, then there are going to be at least a billion vocal identities as well.

Here’s to building billions of unique voices!

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